Let us Share and Become Liberated

Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological processes that reduce anxiety arising from unacceptable or, potentially harmful, stimuli. Immature or primitive mechanisms such as acting out or passive aggression help in the short term. But, in the long term, they keep us imprisoned in the negativity of the stimulus. Mature mechanisms liberate us, allowing us to grow and move forward over a period of time. One of the mature defense mechanisms is altruism where the negative stimulus becomes a pivoting point to benefit others. It promotes us to think past ourselves and our unacceptable life events and focus on how we can be of value to others. In light of this teaching-point of psychology, we can better understand God’s words when HE says “He whose resources are restricted shall spend according to what God has given Him…God will bring ease after hardship (Quran, 65:7).” From this verse we understand that even when we may be struggling through life’s hardships, we must think of ways to give back and contribute to others’ benefit. In fact, the act of giving becomes our strength in times of hardship and paves our way towards relief and ease, as God almighty promises. If I am struggling with a career crisis, I may structure a program to relay my experience and that of other professionals to the upcoming generation for their career development. After a long day of disappointments and frustrations, I still have my smile to share with my family. We see that many cultures that are rooted in poverty stricken regions of the world are communal in principle, where community members live together and share what little they have. In their hearts is a kind of peace that citizens of first world countries may never experience because they lack such a culture of sharing. So next time I find myself struggling with a loss or failed effort, I will focus on what I possess and use it to the benefit of others. In my deprivation I will find treasure. In my anxiety I will find solace.


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  1. Abdul says:

    God provides us with opportunities. It is up to us if we leverage them towards positive energy creation or towards negativity


    1. So true! Everything from Allah is good and an opportunity to reach our maximum potential, it is we who turn it into negativity (4:79)


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