HE raises  by degrees whom HE wills [1]

HE lifts up from ruins whom HE wills

HE elevates to soaring heights whom HE wills

HE sets up right him who stumbles over

HE raises the dead after their slumber

HE erects castles in paradise for those who are meek in this world but remain steadfast in faith

HE builds nests for the birds so what makes us think HE will leave us without a roof?

In HIS commandments is the framework for a prosperous life. Let us live by them and be joyous [2]

HE lifts up the veils of falsehood for those who persevere in search of Truth

HE pulls him out of the ocean of turmoil who beseeches him for help

HE raises up a storm in the life of he whose love for HIM He wishes to test, whose potential HE wishes to polish, whose heart HE wishes to make of gold [3,4]

HE raised up a people to cry upon the tragedy of Husain until Husain’s murderers are executed in HIS presence [5]

HE raised us in the wombs of our mothers like primitive fish, with no guidance or teaching, breathing through our mothers’ placenta while our lungs lied collapsed in our chests Then we think HE will let us suffocate by the tests HE’s set for us? HE only burdens a soul according to what it can bear [6]

HE increases in sustenance whom HE wills. Let it console our hearts to know that what we worked for but did not receive was not written for us

Let us rejoice in HIS name; let our spirits rise for HE is watchful over us

Jesus prayed unto HIM until his sweat became like drops of blood [7]. So HE raised up the cup from him and saved him from the hands of the Israelites. Jesus did not die on the cross but HE made it appear so. They plan and HE plans and Allah is the best planner [8,9]

HE elevated Muhammad unto the skies and showed him some of HIS signs [10]. HE spoke with him like HE had with Moses [11, 12]. Muhammad is the most beloved of HIS servants. Yet HE invites all of us to speak with HIM, in prayer, to ascend towards HIM, to be near HIM [13]. Is this not the highest ascension to be in proximity with HIM, elevated from all material, having clear sight of HIM? None can be guided in this way without HIS leave. HE guides whom HE wills [14]. HE guides him who seeks HIS guidance

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